Healing of the Sick

Anointing of the Sick

Healing/Anointing of the Sick brings Christ’s compassionate and healing presence to those who are sick or suffering in any way. Jesus had great compassion for those who were ill, as is evidenced in the Gospels, and the church carries on his healing ministry. A person does not have to be in danger of death to receive the sacrament but may receive it during any serious mental, physical, or emotional illness. Those in the hospital, the elderly, those preparing for surgery, or children who are sick are encouraged to receive the sacrament for God’s healing strength and comfort. The sacrament is administered by a priest and is available to anyone. It can be repeated many times if needed. If you or a loved one is admitted to the hospital, please let the admitting department know that you are a member of St. Peter Parish. The sacrament of healing of the sick is administered upon request. Call the parish office for more information. 419-433-5725.