For Teens

“Be all the more eager to make your call and election firm, for, in doing so, you will never stumble”
(2 Peter 1:10)

St. Peter Parish offers both a Junior High and High School Youth Group for students in grades 7 – 12.  Our parish is a bit unique in the diocese in that confirmation takes place during the high school years.  Retreats are offered for both junior high and high school students during the year as well as service and social events.  The teenage years can be challenging ones for our young people, and having a supportive faith community to help guide them through the struggles they face can be very beneficial.  Click on the tabs to the right to learn more about each program currently offered.

Altaration - The Mystery of the Mass Revealed

The Mass as Teens Have Never Seen it Before

Altaration addresses head-on one of the biggest problems we all face: how do we get Catholic teens to appreciate the awesome beauty and mystery of the Mass…and to actually look forward to attending and participating?

Through a unique learning experience, including powerful cinematography and workbook resources, teens will come to see the Mass and the priesthood in a dramatically new way. Altaration is designed to stir thought, create conversation, dispel myths, and inspire young souls to a deep and lasting love for the Mass. The goal of Altaration is not to fill teens’ heads with information but to pierce their hearts with transformation.

Wednesdays during Lent from 8:00-9:15 PM at the Blackwell's house.  Contact the parish office or Youth Minister Colleen Wellington for the address.  All high school aged teens are welcome!