Alpha is a chance to explore and question the meaning of life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open, and informal environment.  It's fun, relaxed, and free!  Alpha includes a meal, a short talk, and time to share your thoughts.  

Our next Alpha will take place in Fall of 2019.  See the registration form linked below!

What have others said about Alpha?


"I was surprised by how quickly the lives of the people at my table became important to me - and now I miss them.  I felt that Jesus was with us at the table, showing us how to love and care for each other." -Jan

"Alpha opened my eyes and my heart to GOD!  IT brought my husband and I closer!"-Martha

"A great place for young people to reflect on our relationship with our peers, with others, and with God." -Josh

"I am inspired to tell everyone about Alpha!  I met a table full of great people!  I enjoyed the movies and the conversation" -Pat

"I attended Alpha because my wife thought it would be good.  I have a better understanding of Jesus now, and we need to know more.  I benefited from the input from those at my table and enjoyed sharing experiences.  I was most impacted by the witnesses of the two speakers on the retreat day." -Paul