3rd Sunday of Lent (Feb. 28, 2016)

3rd Sunday of Lent (Feb. 28, 2016)


All throughout this week, I’ve been thinking of the way Pope Francis once identified himself in an interview, stating, “I am a sinner who God has looked upon.”  We certainly see in this the great humility and authenticity of Pope Francis.  But this isn’t something unique to him; it’s something we all should be able to say.  In our 2nd Reading, we hear St. Paul tell the Romans that “God proves his love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.”


And so this leads us to our wonderfully rich passage in the Gospel.  We see the loving face of Christ look upon the Samaritan woman at the well.  Here, Jesus meets her where she’s at, and then continues to lead her to go deeper, to thirst for something deeper, something—or rather someone—who ultimately satisfies.  I believe she comes to basically make the same self-identification as Pope Francis: “I am a sinner who God has looked upon.”  Yet again, her story is meant to be our story as well.


But this awareness shouldn’t make us despondent, but rather enlivened!   And it leads to becoming a missionary disciple.  This passage isn’t just about this woman coming to know Christ, but how she then led others to do so as well.  And we see this in the example of Pope Francis too, though again it’s an example we’re meant to put into action ourselves.


There are so many people in the world—or even right here in our town—who are hungry and thirsty for God, even if they’re not really cognizant of it right now.  There are perhaps many asking, “Is the Lord in our midst or not?”  Maybe we are one of those people. 


As we have the chance to encounter Christ as food and drink in the Eucharist today, let us rejoice that we are sinners that God has looked upon/who invites us to be united to Himself in a relationship of love.  And as we come to know Him more, let us also ask for the grace to share that Good News with others.