10th Sunday in OT (June 5, 2016)

10th Sunday in OT (June 5, 2016)


We’re back in the liturgical time of year known as Ordinary Time.  At our last St. Peter School Mass, one of the students said, “I’ve haven’t seen you wear green for a while.”  Of course, we tend to use the word “ordinary” in a different way.  But that got me thinking of whether our being caught up in everyday life doesn’t make seasons like Lent, Easter, Advent, and Christmas “ordinary” and not impactful in our spiritual lives.  At the same time, with school out we’re also now at the start of summer.  And one thing I hear often is that “not much goes on” here in the summer.


Yet, we hear at the end of our Gospel passage the people proclaiming, “God has visited his people.”  In biblical terms, this is not just a passing appearing, but an extraordinary way that God comes to save and rescue His people.  And so, brothers and sisters, even now, it’s easy to forget that we’re living in the age of the Risen and Ascended Lord who sent the Holy Spirit down on us at Pentecost!  Can we say this time is meant to be “ordinary”?  The reign of God is in our midst!


Going through our everyday lives, I believe we know deep down that we need the presence and power of Christ to touch us and bring newness of life.  The Scripture passages we have today are not just amazing episodes from the past, but open up the wonders that God wants to work in us today, in our “ordinary time.”


In the Gospel, Jesus reaches out to touch the dead man and tells him to arise.  What in our life to we need to have the Lord touch and have a rise from?  In our 1st Reading, Elijah turns to God in prayer to bring another widow’s son back to life.  And in our 2nd Reading St. Paul gives testimony to the new spiritual life that he had been given by the Lord. 


We need—and the world needs—to hear good news and feel a healing touch.  We look for ways to place ourselves in God’s presence and entrust our lives to Him; and out of love for one another, we look for ways to help others to do the same.  This can happen through our experience of Mass, Confession, prayer, IGNITE, retreat, having others pray for/with/over us, sharing life with others (talking & praying in families or groups), sharing with others how an encounter with God has changed our lives, and practicing the works of mercy [we see comforting the sorrowful in today’s readings].


In all this we grow as disciples together, as we become more alive in Christ.  He may not always touch us or move us in the way we would hope or expect, but His presence always spurs us on and ushers in a new day.